Chaz, lovely orange cat
Riley, Australian sheep dog
Kona, cute dog
Tuxedo cat on a red chair
White 1978 280z Datsun

$195 7 " x 9 "

Hannah, beautiful blond girl
Derren, blond boy in lake
Copper, Bernese Mountain dog
Piper, cute calico cat
Golden Retriever
Parker, cute little blond girl in pink dress
Mr. Holmes, Orange kitty
Zira, sweet little mix breed dog
Johnny, Tuxedo cat
Big Black Poodle
2 Cocker Spaniels
Little Lucy, a Water dog
World War 2 Indian Motorcycle

$195 7 " x 9 "

Calvin, a mixed breed dog in cute custume
Sandi's grandson Michael with large lizard buddy on shoulder
Phoebe and Archie, Siamese and Black kitties
Baby blue sixties Thunderbird convertible sports car

$195 7 " x 9 "

Yorkshire Terrier with a nect scarf
1978 Gold beige BMW
Pug dog lying flat on its belly
Bulldog named Hero
Kaz, Evie, Lu 3 kids in forest
Ning, petty woman with black hair flying at the beach

Watercolors portrait commissions

7 x 9" = $210 Best for head and shoulders 1 pet or person
8.5 x 11" = $285
9.75 x 13.25" = $335
15 x 20" = $450, 25% retainer
For each additional subject add 25% of initial cost
Final payment + postage upon delivery. Framing not included
Email photos to

Email Kathleen for commission information