Watercolors or Drawings

Email Kathleen at kat@mcgraphics.us
Portraits from your photos. Great for gifts and remembrances.

Time 1–2 weeks. Choose size & cost 
7 x 9" = $210 Suitable for head and shoulders 1 pet or person 
8.5 x 11" = $285 
10.5 x 13.5" = $335 
15 x 20" = $450
25% retainer, 2 subjects add 75% to cost above 

All sizes can be adjusted for standard frame sizes

Non-refundable retainer to start. Final payment  + postage upon delivery. Cash or check. Paypal or credit cards NOT accepted. Framing not included.

house cats

Classic Drawing Portraits

Drawings on grey or tan toned paper have been done by European masters for centuries. Mine are unique, perfect for framing and  ideal for gifts and remembrances. Ask about watercolors.

Supply a photo
Remember the better the photo the better the art.
Decide on grey or beige paper
Beige gives a warmer feeling, closer to skin tone.
Choose size
9"x12" or 12"x14"
1-person 9"x12" = $200
1-person 12"x14" = $275
1 - 3 weeks
$75 non-refundable retainer to start. Final payment upon delivery. Cash or Money Order preferred. Framing not included.